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Tobias Otim alias Toobi S.M.O.L.Z is among Northern Uganda’s most influential hip hop artists, credited with bringing mature lyricism and wordplay in Uganda’s indigenous language of Acoli and English. Toobi S.M.O.L.Z “S.M.O.L.Z” an acronym for “Sanctify Me Oh Lord Zeus” a name he got from addiction to Greek mythology and literature.

Toobi S.M.O.L.Z broke out as an artist when he organized the first-ever hip-hop cypher from northern Uganda #GTCypher that featured fellow rappers from northern Uganda like Black MC, Venomous MC, Judas RapKnowledge, Cliyon G, Rapper Frankie, Wes Gunna Stain, Okreezy, Mc Ivy, and J.O Apararyo.

Celebrated as a poetic storyteller, powerful word player, Toobi S.M.O.L.Z uses his lyricism to mirror and critique the society, addressing issues of social justice, domestic violence, African identity, and ethnicity.
Toobi S.M.O.L.Z is a signed artist under Pine Avenue 5, a record label in Gulu northern Uganda with fellow artists Quincy.

Besides music, Toobi S.M.O.L.Z is a radio personality and works with northern Uganda’s based FM station Mega 100 Fm. He is also a practicing accountant working with Uganda Local Government.


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