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Mc Wang jok

Born 7th-oct-1989 real name Ivan Rubangakene Ochaya. He grew up in Gulu town (G town

Northern Uganda). In 1998 At the age of nine he got inspired by rap music he used to listen to

from his father’s boom box at that time because his step brother who was older by then would

buy audio tapes of different genres of music. From his brother’s collection he chose wutang, lost

boys, Outlaws, etc because he had some taste in particular for rap.

He started writing pieces of his own that he compared to the kind of music he loved and would

perform them at karaoke’s and battles. In 2005 Mc Wang Jok together with 2 other rappers

created a rap crew called BNM consisting of Blackpool, Nicshawn and Money I (Present day Mc

Wang Jok). BNM Crew in late 2005 recorded a single titled “Party” at 2Kleen Records G town.

This song had a lot of air plays in key radios in G town at that time. It wasn’t easy because all the

rappers were still at High school level by then so the group didn’t record anything else as BNM

until the group was later dissolved.

In 2008 Mc Wang Jok together with 3 other rapper’s created another group call Underground

Blacks Movement. Underground meaning underneath, hidden or not mainstream and Blacks

meaning Africans. This group was very distinctive and influential to hip hop and rap in Gulu town

(Northern Uganda). It consisted of four poetic rappers (Shawn, Komical, Mc Edge and Mc Wang

Jok as Money) all from the same Neighbourhood of SQ (Senior Quarters) Laroo Division, Gulu.

Underground Blacks Movement recorded a song titled “Hustle” Produced and mastered by The

late Lumix in 2008 from Valley Curve Studios. Hustle still one of the greatest hiphop songs of all

time in G town made this group very famous to rap lovers.

In 2009 after Underground Blacks Movement was dissolved Mc Wang Jok, Jok Ocol and Rwot

Onung Pa Yai(R.I.P) founded the worlds famous Bila Wa Movement. Bila Wa Movement is a plat

form that uses the fusion of rap/poetry and afro instrumentals to make music that can pass a

message. Bila Wa Movement known for their hit song “Lapiny”(Produced and mastered by

skinny) in 2013 at Infinite Records Kampala and performed live at Bayimba Regional Festival

Gulu and Bayimba International Festival Kampala in 2013. Lapiny has had a lot of air plays even

outside of Uganda. As a poet and the song writer for the concept Lapiny, Mc Wang Jok also

featured on the radio Netherlands My Song Interview. Bila Wa Movement had a lot of articles

written about them an example where they were ranked 5th out of ten as Africa’s most

unconventional Musicians/Band.

Mc Wang Jok, The Afro rap performer and The Luo Synthesis Rap Universal Originator was

signed to Pine Avenue Record Label in the late 2013. From Pine Avenue5 Record Label in Gulu

Northern Uganda, Wang Jok recorded songs like Lakolo, Sound of Luo feat OJ Maxwell,

Wandeka Nze feat Pine Avenue All stars , Wang pedding, Pe I kwala, An Aye, Atye Ka Tic to

mention but afew.

“Atye Ka Tic” Meaning am working(“Wiya Tye Ka Tic” Meaning My brain is at work)one of

Northern Uganda’s greatest hip hop song ever recorded. The poetic and conscious motivational

message in the song Atye Ka Tic has made Mc Wang Jok one of the most famous hip hop

artist in the region and a household name.

Mc wang Jok left Pine Avenue 5 Record Label in 2017. He is now managed by Talent Avenue UG

a local music promotions entity that promotes, distributes content and manages artist in Gulu

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